Revelation Given Through Joseph Luff

Revelation given through Joseph Luff, February 19, 1930 at the Church on the Temple Lot

Oh ye who have made covenant with God, and delight yourselves in the assurance of His fidelity, and have hope in the triumph of His purpose; Who say, His promises fail not and in their fulfillment we shall have honor and glory; while yet your doings vitiate your heirship thereto and invite not approval but rather reproof.

Who cry, “Love all men as Christ hath loved,” yet love not. Who pray, “Forgive us, Lord, as we forgive,” yet forgive not; but seek your redress as the godless do, and find delight in parading what ye account to be the wrongs of others. Would ye thus be forgiven of your Lord?

Who seek to fatten yourselves upon the fruit of the folly of your brethren and declare God’s favor in your increase.

Who delve into the tombs of your sires in service for tokens of their erring, that by sowing these you might gather unto yourselves a harvest from the yield of disappointment and distrust, and in this have spent your energy rather than in declaring the gospel unto men. From whence have you learned that this is your calling? Or that by so doing ye give honor to God? Make answer to yourselves and be ye judges thereof.

Who have interpreted the scriptures to your liking and have declared the glory of the gospel triumph to be dependent upon the building of a house by human hands. Who with this idol in your hearts have poured forth your prayers and counsels continually, until your zeal’s fruition and the product of your contentions is manifest in deception and dismay.

Who now seek to defend the steps unwisely taken, by feigning a discovery of both Satan and God in the current and channel of your revelations, and think that the stream from which you drank nourishment has now become poison, yet fail nevertheless to discern or confess that the poison ye deplore is manifest in the works ye seek to defend.

Who hear not, from the spectacles of your blundering a call for repentance but in blindness limit the need for repentance to those from whom you hold yourselves separate. Awake from your delusion while time is yours, lest the disappointment which is your present portion shall be but a whisper compared with the thundering that will follow.

The temple of your purposing ye shall not be permitted to build as ye have planned nor will ye gather from the field of your present sowing a harvest of satisfaction. Upon the ruin of your brother’s hopes ye shall not erect a monument for Christ hath not, as ye have imagined, discarded the assemblage of his former choosing. His mercy and His purpose alike await the repentance of all who have named His name, but who in the shadow of fleshly interposition and carnal maneuvering have misplaced their confidence and deprived themselves meanwhile of the abundance of His promised out-pouring of good yet count themselves rich in their poverty. For behold from both here and there and from every circle where God’s intervening hand shall smite and awaken to repentance, shall arise a cry to which He will give ear, and His answer will dissolve the obstacles that hinder and the differences that provoke contention, and from thenceforth those who remain and give heed to His revealment shall abound in the joy of their sanctified experience and God shall have a united people.

Cease, therefore, your clamor of superiority and your denunciation of human frailty elsewhere and give yourselves to the righteousness of humility and self-abasement, that the Kingdom of Heaven for whose coming ye pray may not be compelled to exclude you but rather include you at it’s appearing.

Give heed and let not stubbornness or pride deprive you of the good that awaits contrition. Open the door at which the Spirit knocks and It’s entering will mean the increase of your peace and the effectiveness of your service; but whosoever shall bar It’s entrance will invite the ill from which It’s mission is to save them.

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