The Three Visitors’ Explanation of Daniel Chapter 12

The Book of Daniel is filled with cryptic prophecies, most about a series of kingdoms that have afflicted the Lord’s people over time. The first kingdom was Babylon. Other kingdoms followed. In his last vision, the Lord commanded the prophet to seal the remaining prophecies in a book. He said, “Shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end” (Dan 12:4). Daniel’s prophecies were already steeped in esoteric symbolism that made them hard to decipher, yet the Lord commanded him to seal the rest in a book that would stay locked until the end.

While the Lord may have revealed more things to Daniel, which the prophet actually placed in a sealed book, the command to seal up the book is more likely the prophecy that a sealed book exists and will be revealed near the end. This conclusion is confirmed by John’s revelation. He saw a sealed book that only Jesus could open (Rev 5:1). Isaiah also prophesied about a sealed book, foretelling a time when both a learned man and an unlearned one would confess that they could not read it (Is 29:11-12 KJV1). Daniel’s 12th chapter is a revelation about when the sealed book will be revealed.

That chapter contains three different time periods. Over the two millennia since Daniel prophesied, numerous commentators have advanced interpretations about these three periods. In 2017, three men miraculously appeared to a small group in Brazil. Among them were four men who had seen Moroni. Only months before, the angel had given the golden plates, which Joseph Smith used to translate the Book of Mormon, to one of them, whose name is Mauricio Berger. The other three witnessed the event. They saw Moroni, heard his instructions, and handled the golden plates.

On one occasion, the three visitors taught the meaning of Daniel’s three time periods. They explained that each concerned the golden plates and revealed the event that marks the end of each interval. In two cases, they revealed the date on which the timespans terminated and in one, they showed how to calculate it. The miracles surrounding their appearances testify to the divinity of their interpretation. However, their computation is foreign to the traditional Restoration interpretation and appears just as cryptic as Daniel’s book, but their conclusions are clear.

Brother Bob Moore has prepared a paper that details their conclusions. It can be read here.